Best Atmospheres in SEC Football(2&3)

Coming in at #3 on the list is The University of Florida. This school has one of the richest football traditions in the country and that shows on game day. They like to call their field “The Swamp”. Whether it’s the gator chomp they do after scoring a touchdown, or the catchy tunes the band plays, you’re guaranteed to have a good time at this stadium. The reason this atmosphere isn’t higher on my list is due to their rabid fan base treating opposing fans badly. Opposing fans have reported being berated by profanity laced rants as well as being beat up. There’s no question, Florida has one of the best tail gating scenes in the country, but their fans just aren’t quite up to standards when it comes to realizing it’s just a football game.

Standing tall at #2 on the list is The University of Tennessee. Neyland Stadium was one of the first stadiums to seat over 100k people. Tennessee fans are known for being some of the most loyal fans in any sport. The band also plays a song called “Rocky Top”, which is very catchy and the fans sing it very loudly. Pre game tail gating is very popular throughout the entire campus. Tennessee has a pretty good fan base when it comes to respect. Overall, the Volunteers have an extremely good football program with one of the best venues in the country and one of the top fan bases.


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