The Best Atmosphere in SEC Football

Screaming fans. Tiger Stadium. Crazy tail gating. Death Valley. 100k plus screaming fans. Perennial powerhouse. These are all reasons that make Louisiana State University not only the best atmosphere in the SEC, but the best atmosphere in all of college football. Don’t take this as someone who is bias, because I have been to every stadium on this list. Tiger stadium on a Saturday night is something to behold. It is almost like people have an out of body experience. There has been a game where the fans were so loud that it registered as an earthquake. Tiger fans go hard during tail gating as well. You will see corn hole games, grilling, beer pong, you name it. Tons of fans come out many hours before the game to get the full experience. Tiger fans also seem to genuinely like talking football. Don’t be surprised if, as an opposing fan, you are asked if you’d like to sit down and have a burger with a LSU group that is grilling out. Most of the time, they want to know your honest opinion on how you think the game will go. Other groups will also have tv’s set up to watch other games while they are tailgating. If you just walk up and start watching for a minute, you will not be asked to leave. It truly is one big family, and that makes it one of the greatest sporting venues on earth.


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