Alabama vs Arkansas (10/8/16)

This post is more about my personal prediction than anything else. I honestly believe this is the game that will trip Alabama’s season up. Arkansas is returning most of their starters on defense and have looked very good on that side of the ball this season. Also worth noting is the fact that Arkansas always seems to be in games in the final minutes. They will probably open up as heavy under dogs, but I guarantee you that they cover the spread. Alabama is currently running a gimmick offense with a freshman quarterback. Arkansas will not be scared to press on the corners and send pressure at Jalen Hurts.

I do not expect Arkansas to blow Alabama out of the water by any means. These are my opinions after all. In order for Arkansas to win, they will have to play near flawless and hope Alabama is not on their game. It’s possible that Alabama will be looking to their next week game against Tennessee, but that rarely happens with a Nick Saban coached team. Say what you will, I just feel like Arkansas will pull the huge upset here.



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