#3 Best College Football Player Ever

If you haven’t heard of Bo Jackson, you probably don’t have any interest in sports. Bo is undoubtedly the best pure athlete of all time. The guy played in both the NFL and MLB. To top that off, Bo was extremely good at both of them. He played for Auburn in the SEC. In his career, he ran for over 4300 yards and averaged 6.6 yards per carry. Following his strong senior season, he was voted as the Heisman trophy winner. In that same year, he won the Walter Camp Award, which is given to the nations top running back. He was also a consensus all-American during 2 of his seasons Auburn.

Bo was drafted #1 overall in the NFL by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He didn’t end up playing a snap for the Buccaneers due to him being unwilling to play for them. Bo ended up signing with the Los Angeles Raiders the following year. He only played 4 years in the NFL. He put up very solid numbers in his four years, and wound up in the NFL Hall of Fame. After his short NFL career, he ended up playing in the MLB. He also had a very successful career there and is widely known as the best athlete of all time.


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